ePals – Connecting Students and Teachers around the world

I just wanted to share with you all a great website that I came across a while back, it is called ePals.com

In using this website we have come across other home educating families in various parts of the world as well as some other great people to communicate with and share ideas.

ePals is a Global Community of collaborative learners, teachers, and academic experts in 200 countries and territories.

ePals provides Connections to students, classes, and school districts worldwide that are safe and secure.

ePals is the safe and protected solution for linking classes, schools, and school districts globally via ePals SchoolMail, ePals SchoolBlog, and Classroom Match.

ePals Projects:

In the classroom or from home, guide your students’ learning with a global, online perspective. ePals provides learning units, instructional resources, best practices and member-created projects all arranged by topic. ePals teachers help us have the best and most efficient resources available for you to use in your classroom. As well, ePals continuously works with groups of educators to develop collaborative projects that include the following key components:

* Interactive: Students research and share data with global peers
* Cross-curricular: Math, sciences, languages, technology, social and cultural studies
* Inclusive: Projects accommodate multiple learning styles and age range

Some subjects currently being discussed on a global scale include:

Global Warming

People and Culture – The Way We Are.

A Worldwise look at Natural Disasters

& Digital Storytelling

Just to Name a few!

Getting back into routine – or are We?

Well, life is well and truly back to normal around here. It is funny, the children usually do not use their computers to play computer games very often in the week, while we do our learning, as they only use it to mainly send  and receive emails, research, write reports and the like.

However, today the first thing they did was wake up and ask to play ‘World of Warcraf’t’. So as a one off, I allowed them to have an hour of time playing together, before they are to do any learning. The fun of home educating your children – you can choose when to learn and when to relax, no bells, no schedules as such, magic!

Here are some pictures of the children enjoying the game!