Quiet Day at Home – Relaxing

Well today is going to be a quiet day. After our last two days full of walking around a wildlife park and Port Arthur, we have decided to stay home and rest. I must add that we really enjoyed the last few days with the children’s Auntie.It was great to get out and about and take the children to a few places they had not managed to visit before.

The children especially loved going to the wild life park and feeding the Kangaroos. NIK was amazed by the talking Cocky – ‘Hello!, Hello!’ it would say to her and she would smile and laugh loudly as she asked it again to repeat itself, ‘Say Ello! Cocky! It brought back so many memories for me as I can remember as a young child also enjoying those kind of activities.

Anyway we are in for lots of the three ‘R’s today! Reading, relaxing and reminiscing! what a great way to hang around!