Snow on Mt Wellington – A cold snap!

Snow on Mt Wellington

Snow on Mt Wellington

Today we awoke to snow on top of Mt Wellington, so we decided to go for a ride up the mountain to see it. Unfortunately we were unable to make it to the top as part of the mountain was closed to traffic, But we enjoyed ourselves anyway! Here is a Picture of the girls with their Auntie and the snow on Mt Wellington in the background.

What a Glorious Day! Even with Wild Weather and Strong Winds!

Well we woke up to the rain pitter pattering on our bedroom windows and the news said wild weather is expected around the country today. But I have to say regardless of this. Today is a glorious day! Right now the sun is out  and we have sunshine streaming through our lounge room windows. We can feel the warmth of its glow.

The children are all up, earlier than usual today. SZG has already ventured out the house and is at work. This week he is on normal day shifts. Finally I think I have got my head around his shift changes. I just hope that now that I have started to understand it all that they don’t decide to change it again!

We have a very busy week ahead, which will end with JAHG’s netball dinner on Saturday night. We are all looking forward to this night out. The children will be presented with a certificate on this night and also a medal as part of their participation. Not sure if their last game of the season will be played today, as it could be cancelled at the last minute due to weather, but regardless it has been a lot of fun and a great season!

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The Waiting Game – It is almost Over!

Well we have been busy working towards a new venture over the last few months. It has been slow and steady progress and everything has been hush hush for the most part, but finally the waiting game is almost over and we have a fantastic result.

Still we are not going to make an official announcement just get. We have just a little more cleaning up and fancying to do around the place before we will unveil our newest venture and the excitement of the day to you all. We are hoping that this time everything will run smoothly which it should.

We have put in an immense number of man hours into this ‘project’ working out the best strategies we can use to get the ultimate result. It definitely seems to be starting to pay off.

Will keep you posted as life and work progress 🙂 Until then Stay tuned!

A Quiet Weekend for us all.

Well the weekend is almost over. It has been great to have SZG home for at least one of the days. The girls and I have been at home all week as we have not had a car to go and do anything, but I have to admit, we have all enjoyed being home and never run out of things to do!

We did venture out for a few hours today up towards New Norfolk just to have a look around and see what it is like there. We have been there a few times already since we moved to Hobart. A lot of people around here think that New Norfolk is way out of the centre of Hobart, but for us, who are still adapting from mainland life and distances, New Norfolk is just around the corner. It is also closer to Hobart City centre than were we used to live out at Narre Warren in Melbourne, and definitely takes less time to get into the heart of the city if needed!

Anyway, we had an eventful day, took in some great scenery, had a walk around and generally enjoyed some family time together. Which was nice. Hopefully with SZG now assured most weekends off work, we will be able to enjoy more days like this in the future.