A Quiet Weekend for us all.

Well the weekend is almost over. It has been great to have SZG home for at least one of the days. The girls and I have been at home all week as we have not had a car to go and do anything, but I have to admit, we have all enjoyed being home and never run out of things to do!

We did venture out for a few hours today up towards New Norfolk just to have a look around and see what it is like there. We have been there a few times already since we moved to Hobart. A lot of people around here think that New Norfolk is way out of the centre of Hobart, but for us, who are still adapting from mainland life and distances, New Norfolk is just around the corner. It is also closer to Hobart City centre than were we used to live out at Narre Warren in Melbourne, and definitely takes less time to get into the heart of the city if needed!

Anyway, we had an eventful day, took in some great scenery, had a walk around and generally enjoyed some family time together. Which was nice. Hopefully with SZG now assured most weekends off work, we will be able to enjoy more days like this in the future.