Where does the time go? Visitors and upcoming Port Arthur Trip

Well here we are. It is Friday again another week over. I always remember when I was younger, many older people saying time runs away from you the older you get. I used to muse at their comments, but here I am, wondering where the time has gone and why it passes by so quickly.

This week has been a very big week. We have all been busy with a lot of stuff around the house as we have been confined to it, due to one of our cars needing to go to the mechanic to get fixed. Therefore all our learning has been focused around the house and local area – other than what we can do online.

Next week will be much the same while we wait for the car to be completely up and running. We are having a visitor come and stay with us next week. Which is going to be good. They will be with us for ten days. I am not sure what we will be doing during this time as we wont have a car, but they will have a hire car, so atleast they can get out and do whatever they wish.

On the 31st of August, they have organised for us to go to Port Arthur for the day. This is going to be a highlight of our week. Over the course of this year we have been learning abut Australian History and convicts. We have done a lot of research, visited as many historical places connected to convicts as we can, but so far have not managed to get to Port Arthur just yet. SZG and I have been there over ten years ago, but it will be great to see Port Arthur from a different perspective and really get a feel for it, now that we have been learning about the people who where housed there and their crimes. I just hope that the weather is great as Port Arthur is all open and wild or wet weather would definitely ‘dampen’ the experience. The children are very excited about their Auntie coming to stay and their upcoming trip to Port Arthur with her.

I am also in the process of organising an educational day tour at Port Arthur for home educated families in February 2010. I have already asked for expressions of interest and received wonderful feedback. The idea is that we will enjoy an educational tour of Port Arthur and spend a day or two there.  Quite a few of us are also looking at making it into a camp, by staying over a night or two in the local area so that we can spend some time together, which would be great and a lot of fun. I just hope I can pull it all together – in time!

Anyway, I shall add some photos of our  trip to Port Arthur with our visitor, once we have been for you all to see.