Our armchair journey to Antarctica – Amazing!

Well we decided that we would have an armchair trip to Antarctica to see what it is really like, since we have been doing alot of reading about the place and learning all about it too.

The following footage is what we have experienced and it is quite amazing so we wanted to share it with you all!.

The first Video is a time-lapse video filmed in Antarctica, in and around McMurdo Station and Scott Base… By Anthony Powell.

The second is a visual journey to Antarctica onboard the Australian icebreaker RSV Aurora Australis. Includes timelapse footage and aerial shots. Music: Moby, “ISS” from 18 B Sides.

The third video shows images taken of Antarctica in January 2009 – Simply Breathtaking.

Pengu the Antarctica Penguin – An Art Project

After our wonderful day at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery yesterday, we decided to keep on working with the theme of Antarctica, while the interest hits us,

The children did some design and drawing based around Antarctica and had a lot of fun with it. We are still working on other aspects of the theme and hope to devote much of the rest of the week to it. We will keep you posted on our progress but for now here is some of our artwork completed today.

JAHG's Art work - Pengu the Antarctic Penguin

JAHG's Art work - Pengu the Antarctic Penguin

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