Gosia Andrzejewicz – Pozwól Żyć – Polish Music

Even though I don’t always understand every word sung in a Polish Song, I love the sound of the language and love listening to it as often as I can. SZG has collected a great many Polish songs and albums over the years and our collection slowly keeps growing.

Today I stumbled across this Music Video. It is of Gosia Andrzejewicz a Female Polish singer who’s song is called – Pozwól Żyć – which I think means ‘Allowed to live’ or Similar. It is a hit from Poland. I hope that you will have a listen and see what you think!

Bolek i Lolek – A Polish Children’s Cartoon

‘Bolek i Lolek’ is a simple cartoon for children that was shown in Poland when SZG was a young boy. He has fond memories of it and we now have in our collection many different ‘Bolek i Lolek’ DVD’s. The children just love this show and I have to admit so do I! It is  simply a beautiful children’s show.

We thought that we would share a glimpse into this engaging cartoon with you.

Hope you enjoy it!

A trip overseas to Bialystok Poland….

Well today we decided to do some traveling from the comfort of our own home. The trip started out with no real direction, but landed in Bialystok, Poland, the city of SZG’s Birthplace. It is a very beautiful city, and one that I hope to see in the future, for even though SZG was born in Poland, neither his children or I, have had the pleasure of visiting the country of his birth place just yet. But hopefully that will change in time.

According to the Official City portal of the Białystok Municipal office

Białystok, with a population of almost 300 thousand, is a city located in north-eastern Poland, serving the function of the capital of Podlaskie province. It is the administrative, economic, and academic centre of the region which, due to its exceptional environmental assets, has been termed the Green Lungs of Poland.

The location in the environmentally clean region, full of tourist attractions, as well as the rich infrastructure of Białystok, makes the city and surrounding area a great place for living, recreation and development of tourism.

Białystok has evolved as a place which is the melting pot of different nations, religions, cultures, customs and traditions, where the occidental rationalism meets the oriental mysticism. It has become an example of the integration of ethnic and religious groups, a meeting place for Poles, Byelorussians, Jews, Lithuanians, Germans, Russians and Tartars. The multiethnicity of the city was the reason for the Białystok-born Ludwik Zamenhoff to start his work on the universal language of Esperanto

The location of Białystok, in the proximity of borders with Belarus, Lithuania and Russia, as well as the convenient transportation links, create excellent conditions for developing economic and cultural contacts with the countries of Eastern and Western Europe.

Some great images from around the city are contained within this video. The music is not necessarily the greatest, so if you choose you can turn the sound down.

The follwoing Video is of images of Białystok, and its people taken over 50 years ago. A whole different perspective.

The journey continues, now to decide on our next stop on our trip around the world!