K & D Warehouse Glenorchy – Girl Guide Biscuit Sales!

Well, today we spent much of the morning outside K & D Warehouse in Glenorchy hoping that the rain did not start as we were selling Guide Biscuits to raise money for Girl Guides Tasmania.

We started out getting everything set up so that we could start selling the biscuits at 9am. The weather looked very dark and dismal, but we just hoped that the rain would stay away long enough for us to sell some biscuits and raise some money.

Thankfully the heavens decided only to shower us with extremely light rain, so we managed to stay in operation and sell quite a good number of packets of biscuits, before we were relieved by another Girl Guide family to take over from us.

We had a great time and even though the morning air was brisk and cold, we enjoyed chatting to the people who passed by and also to those who purchased our biscuits!

Thank you to everyone who seen us this morning and supported the Girl Guides of Tasmania. We really appreciate your support!

JAHG Selling Girl Guide Biscuits outside K & D Warehouse Glanorchy, Tasmania

JAHG Selling Girl Guide Biscuits outside K & D Warehouse Glenorchy, Tasmania