Where has the time gone?

The sun is shinning and the weather is a little warmer today! I think that as we have to go into Glenorchy to do some tax stuff and shopping, that I might take the children to the park for a little while – if it manages to stay like it is now.

It will be a great opportunity for us to get out and about, as we have spent the last few days doing stuff indoors and not really getting out in the sunshine – what little of it we have had. The children have spent much of their time doing school work, watching some new movies Tata had got them and just generally having a relaxing time. All the while, I have been in ‘creation mode’ stuck mainly at the computer – around helping out with maths sums and research topics- as I worked on a new website that will hopefully turn into something amazing. I shall tell you more about it once everything is active and functional – Not long to wait now!