Never in Our Wildest Dreams…

I must say that today was a great day. It started out quite well. Reasonable weather and the ability for us to stay at home. There was no need to venture out and we have spent much of the day working on learning projects, researching information, grabbling with maths concepts and writing script.

We were having a great time. Helping each other out with learning, doing the chores around the house and having fun. However, our usual activity of rushing outside excitedly in anticipation of what may be waiting for us in our mail box, died a quick death as we sorted through the mail. These days, we don’t get too many bills as we pay everything in advance, the phone bill, the electricity, magazine subscriptions, everything gets money paid onto it each week, to avoid any shocking discoveries. However even with our weekly payments in advance for our Electricity, we were deeply shocked when we opened our bill. Never have we had a bill so high in all our life!

Usually after installments we need to find just a few dollars, to clean up a bill. However the cold weather, lack of wood heating and the fact that this stupid house we live in has high ceilings and the inability to close of any real space from the rest of the house, means that to heat the house we have to keep multiple heaters on for multiple hours. We have always tried to be careful and had budgeted for what we thought was an increase in electricity use, but nothing could prepare us for this rude awakening.

Hence the heaters are now all put away, the beds covered in excessive layers of bedding and the lounge room resembles a slumber party with blankets set aside on each chair for added warmth for when the night draws in.

Thankfully our lease expires shortly, which means we will not have to endure another winter in this house, with the inability to close off the drafts from the doors or heat the house in a cost effective manner. Hopefully we will be living in a very different place soon, with a lot more creature comforts and heating options!

Note to Self: Ensure that we find another house to live in before next winter, which has the option of wood heating!

Red Sky at Morn – Sailors Warn!

Well I have woken up to the most magnificent view this morning. Just after 6am the sky was a beautiful crimson colour. The magnificent shade bounced of the underside of the clouds that filled the warm morning sky. Normally I would love what I was seeing, but an old saying quickly springs to mind in this instant.

Red sky at night – Sailors delight

Red sky at Morn –  Sailors Warn!

So I can confidently say that we are in for a rather horrible day weather wise! Already the temperature did not manage to drop down to the lowest level it was supposed too, so instead of waking to a crisp and refreshing 2 degrees, it is now currently 11 degrees and only 7am!

We have a rather busy day ahead of us too, which means that when the rain finally comes ( and it will) we will be out and about enjoying ourselves with friends. We have a birthday party to go too, which we will not be missing just beacuse the weather looks daunting, however we will be cautious as we travel around on the hilly roads.

This afternoon we have to go and complete our Tax returns. As usual I have managed to do 99% of what is required and can now just give the tax agent the accumulative figures for them to put them into the right boxes and send away. We hopefully will walk away with a small amount of money to add to our savings, which would be great.

I must add that while I was working out the amount I have spent on educational texts etc for JAHG to be home schooled (in order to claim the educational allowance), I was pleasantly surprised to see that after everything I had purchased the amount was a small few hundred dollars, so I shall now be adding our internet costs to the amount to make sure we get the full rebate.

Thursday’s Child – at the Theatre Royal, Hobart, Tasmania

Today JAHG and I ventured into town to meet up with some other home ed families. We were going to the Theatre Royal in Hobart to see the play ‘Thursdays Child’. The performance was for children aged 12 and up, but as I had a particular interest in this play JAHG was to come along with us also. This is the second time we have been the the Theatre in the last few months.

The performance was incredibly moving at times and a wonderful portrayal of the book. Set in the depression years, the story told of the hardship and tribulations of the characters. The six performers managed to capture our attention and fill our world with wonderful creativity and tell the story of TIN and his family in a most beautiful way.

Based on the award-winning Australian novel, by Sonya Hartnett , Thursday’s Child is Tin, born on a Thursday and, like the old nursery rhyme, ‘has far to go’. A strange and lonely child who digs, his wanderings take him underneath the earth into the subterranean tunnels that he’s pre-destined to roam. Told by Tin’s sister, Harper Flute, it is a story of a family’s struggle on their desolate farm during the great depression. The play explores the spirit of struggle with change and misfortune, and is a poignant and intriguing story, ending in great hope.

Thursday’s Child is travelling around the country to a theatre near you, so I urge you, if you get the chance, to see the play as it is well worth your time and effort.

Theac Council Here I come!

The me that homeschools is excited about attending my first meeting with the THEAC council earlier today. I was greatly enthused about the positive energy that just poured out of the council meeting. I must also say that I am extremely happy about becoming a part of such a wonderful group of people, who care deeply about home education in Tasmania and where it is headed.