Happenings about the place

We have been busy watching the school TV hour from 10am to 11am every week day for term one (working in with mainland Term times!) on ABC. They have some great shows for primary school children, and also some for high school, and both my 8 and 3 year old watch it and enjoy it.

JAHG has also started back at guides for the year, so she is busy working out what badges she wants to complete that can be done at home. She loves the idea that the work will also be classed as school work for her, which gives her more incentive to work on a lot of badges. She is also busy doing oil pastel paintings, art and craft and more.

NIK is enjoying tracing letters to spell her name and doing dot to dots and mazes. Her hand eye coordination has come along really strongly recently, which is great. She loves to draw, paint and write, even though her letters mainly resemble little squiggles and likes and circles for the most part!

ME – I am now looking into gymbaroo or dance lessons for NIK and swimming lessons for JAHG and looking forward to getting involved in the local Home education group, now that they have started meeting up again this year.

Our Monitoring Interview – A Complete Success

Well, we just had our monitoring interview today, for THEAC – The Tasmanian Home Education Advisory Council, for the first time. It was supposed to go for around 1 hour, but lasted for just over 2. The lady who did it was amazing and put us at ease very quickly and the whole process was very informal, but enlightening as well to say the least. We enjoyed showing her everything we have been up to, all the hard work DD has done and all the records we keep, she was very impressed with the record keeping and said it was ‘ALOT’ but never the less it was very impressive… I personally did not think it would be much at all… but I am pleased she felt it was more than I needed.

We talked about Maths and the things we use to learn this, English the same, and how we incorporate social opportunities, support, L.O.T.E, science, history, PE, etc etc etc into our life. We talked about routine or the lack of it! and at the end we were informed that we passed without any issues and they will come back in twelve months, and then again if all is still well every 2 years to monitor us! – which is great news!.

We are all so very excited at passing the monitoring, which for us seemed like such a huge thing, but really was so nicely done in a real supportive manner

Going now to celebrate!