We are all having a great Tuesday!

I purchased Triominoes for Kids from Kmart a few days ago. They only cost $9.99 but a great investment. They have numbers on them, as well as pictures of animals, my three year old enjoys playing them and its a little harder than dominoes, but essentially the same matching theme and recognition. Even my 8 year old loves them too – and I do as well!)

Here is a link so you know what I am talking about

Triominoes for Kids

I have now added Jenga to my list of things to by as well as a childrens version of Boggle called Boggle Jr. which was only $14.99 in Kmart. that too has been added to my list of future purchases.

Boggle Jr. link so you can suss that out too if you like.

Here is another link to some resources I found, they might be of benefit to others… I hope so!  The site is for teaching English for ESL learners, but a lot of the resources can be used or adapted for homeschooling use if you choose.

We have just had a phone call from a THEAC (Tasmanian Home Education Advisory Council) representative. To organise for our official interview, which will be taking place next Wednesday the 11th of February 2009.

The lady sounded very nice and we are looking forward to meeting with her and showing her what we have been up to, what we will be doing in the future, and showcasing some of JAHG”S work.

So fingers crossed for us, Please that we get the go ahead to homeschool on a permanent basis. I know it is more a formality, but I want to get this right as when we homeschooled in Victoria there was none of this monitoring etc like they do in Tasmania, so a new thing for us.

Okay not much else to say…

Hope you are all having a great Tuesday!