Homeschool Happenings – Australian Early Settlers and Convict History

Today has been one of those days where everything we had planned has gone out the window and the children have decided what it is that they really wish to do and learn.

It started out with us all curled up in bed this morning reading books to each other, one, two three, four, five , six and more. As each book was finished another one was started, and we all just cuddled up underneath the warmth of the doona and enjoyed each others company.

After about 1 1/2 hours we decided it was probably time to get up and have some breakfast. The funny part was not one of us could agree to eat the same things, so one had fruit, the other cereal and another jam, butter (sandwiches). Once breakfast was over NIK ventured down into the computer room and started playing her learning games on her computer. SZG has just spent a number of days fixing this for her and NIK is very excited to be able to have her own computer back again.

JAHG morning activity was to watch a six part series that we have borrowed from the Library. It is called ‘The Colony’ and is about a series of families who venture back into 1800 conditions in New South Wales and learn to live as the early settlers did. In the beginning they view the task as an adventure, but quickly they realise that the living conditions (or lack of them) followed by the rations, weather, hard work and lifestyle are nothing to be excited about.

The series is made in a documentary style, that is easy to watch and enjoyable. It takes real life people from 2004 to the early 1800’s. The friendships formed, the struggles faced and the adversities are all what one would imagine would be common in this time period. JAHG has enjoyed the series so far. Initially we were going to watch one hour episode a day for 6 days, but we have watched three episodes so far. JAHG is intrigued by the rough conditions, the hard work and lifestyles of the early settlers and convicts. We have discussed things such as how the white man came and took over the indigenous peoples land and how they disregarded their culture and lifestyle. We have discussed the laws of the time and how conditions for convicts  have changed and how people who do wrong within society are dealt with. During the series the historian and families refer to times and happenings that are not always explained in great details as we assume that they feel those watching will have a little understanding of what they refer to. This too has lead to further discussion between JAHG and I, and to JAHG seeking further input and using the internet to continue her learning and to research further.

The series has opened JAHG’S eyes and mind to a world that one would not really be able to envisage. JAHG is now even more excited of the prospect that we will visit the Port Arthur and continue to learn about our Convict history and Early settlers in Australia…

So our Journey Continues…

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365 Days of Self Portraits #7

Well today was all about the weather. One minute the sun was shinning and the next the clouds were bursting at the seams and the rain was tumbling towards the earth, and all over my washing, which I had hung out to dry on the washing line. It seemed like a million times that I looked out the window, trying to establish just what the weather was going to do next and if my washing would ever dry. In the end I just gave up and accepted the four seasons in a day.

Weather - 9th January 2009

Weather - 9th January 2009