Around our Homeschooling House

My children love to use the game Boggle, which is great for giving them a load of letters and then they have to make as many words as they can from them. With more than one child, this is good as each can be involved and work to their own level of spelling and word recognition / formation.

We also love to play dominoes (numbers, patterns, pairs), do jigsaw puzzles (great for their thinking skills) and play yahtzee, another great alternative for teaching maths.

We are hoping to buy monopoly soon as we no longer have it, and are looking for some other worthwhile games to add to our collection.

Each Sunday I sit down and write what I call a weekly wrap up. It details what we have been up to, the things the children enjoyed, any outings we had and field trips we did. I also put in any other relevant info about how the kids are progressing etc. I find it interesting to go back over. Especially like now at the end of the month I can see just how much we have done and what we have achieved.

I also keep a reading log, a monthly rundown and logs of each individual field trip we take.

Writing a weekly wrap up is mostly for my own self, the kids dad, who is not always around to see what we do, and for the kids to read if they choose. It takes around 30 minutes a week out of my time for me to keep everything done, and I usually sit at the table and write it when the kids are doing their own school work, so it never interferes with normal day to day stuff.

I have devised a number of small forms to assist me in collecting this information quickly and documenting it.