365 Project #2

Well todays photo of the day depicts all the hard work I have put into the day, the house and cleaning!

We have an inspection tomorrow (the Joys or renting) and as such the house has to be clean. Well it is always clean, but I take these 3 monthly inspections as an opportunity to clean that bit more and that bit harder!

Think I shall be buying some more cleaning products soon.

Cleaning the Day Away!

Cleaning the Day Away!

31 Reasons to Love Life #5

Children are so unpredictable. That’s why you got to love them and love life. No matter what your expectations are or mood might be, a child can always surprise you with something funny, out of the ordinary or down right naughty, but regardless of what it is, often it will bring a smile to your face when you least expect it or even when you wish you could keep a straight face.

Today I have to love life, because my three year old daughter, being her usual independent self, decided to grab herself a little snack, while mummy was cleaning! I don’t think she realised she was making a bigger mess for me to clean up and even though I knew she did wrong, she looked so cheeky that I just have to share!

It's just a snack mum!

It's just a snack mum!

365 Days of Self Portraits #4

Well here is my next installment in my 365 days of self portraits.

This morning I enjoyed being outside around 7am. The air was crisp and the morning in full glory. It was when I sat down on our front veranda that I decided to take this shot (amongst others). Not sure what I like about it, but it appeals to me so I am using it as today’s self portrait, after all it is me!


Relaxation - 6th January 2009