365 Days of Self Portraits #1

2nd January 2009

2nd January 2009

Well this is me, the first of my 365 Self Portraits photographs. This is going to be harder than I imagined. Not the taking photos of me, but REMEMBERING to take a photograph of myself. Some days it comes easy as I am busy doing things and I think, ah Photograph opportunity. But other days before I know where I am the day is over and I go ‘Oh No!’ and have to rush of to get the photograph within the time required.

I have tried before to do this self portraits challenge, but missed a  day here or there and got discouraged. Now regardless of whether or not I miss a day I will continue with the challenge. I shall date each image and write a little about it if I can.

As the challenge progresses I shall add a gallery at the bottom with all the images so far.

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