Early Morning Rise!

Well today got off to a much better start, if you can ignore the early wake up call SZG received at 4.30am telling him one of the guys at work could not start the truck as the keys where missing. Hence SZG had to get up earlier than normal for work and head into Hobart to solve the problem for the driver.

Now living only around 20 kilometres from work, makes the drive a reasonable one, that never worries SZG. But at that time of the morning, when it is only to give some one some keys, to drive 25 or so minutes into the city, then 25 or so out back home to go to bed, when we has to get up at 6am anyway, made for a pointless trip. So once he arrived at work SZG stayed there. So as we can all well imagine when he finally gets home tonight (or early tomorrow morning- which ever the case may be) he is going to be very tired!

Thankfully I am feeling so much better today and almost back to normal, which is wonderful. I did manage to go back to sleep for an extra hour after SZG left this morning, but still I could have slept in a little longer if the world had of left me.  But the phone decided to ring at 7am, when some one dialed the wrong number. So I decided to stay up then instead and do some house work before the children awoke as I neglected it all yesterday.

I was also able to catch up on some smaller jobs around the place while the girls and I enjoyed another day at home today.

Quiet time at home.

Today was one of those quiet days, where the children find their own things to do and have fun playing with their toys. It was one of those days that I was not feeling 100% and the children knew it too. I tried to be upbeat about everything and give them the love and attention they desired, but as we all know some days you just don’t feel up to it and the children were so good about it too.

Thankfully Tata was not working to late today so he was able to come home and help me look after the girls. He even bought ‘take away’ to help me out, as I had been on the couch for most of the day feeling rather tired, nauseous and  just plain horrible. Thankfully no one else seems to be feeling the way I do, so I am hoping in the morning we will all wake to a better day.

I must admit, I have to love the help and attention I get when I am sick, and the understanding faces and cuddles.

Hobart Botanical Gardens

Well today the girls and I went to the Hobart Botanical Garden. It was a beautiful day and the sun was shinning brightly and the gardens were beautiful and fantastic. We have been to the garden before, but they are so BIG that we have never seen all of it. Today was no exception. We spent around 3 1/2 hours at the garden, looking around a different area to the last time we had been there, but still there is so much that we missed, even though we did manage to see a lot as well.

This time however we were a little more organised than the last and managed to remember to take food, drink and snacks with us. This meant that when we got a little hungry or thirsty, all we had to do was find a piece of lawn to sit down on and enjoy the snacks we had taken. They do have some where to eat at the botanical gardens and also a Kiosk, but as we are all for saving money these days, rather than just spending it, we either take things with us or do without!

The girls did a great job of walking for most of the time we were there. They really wanted to see the Japanese garden, but before we got to that area, their little legs were sore and tired, so we decided to go home and come back another day to see some more. We are hoping that next time we get to go to the botanical gardens that Tata will be able to come with us and that he will not be working on the day. Tata has not seen the gardens yet and I am sure that he will enjoy them when he finally manages to get to see them.

While we were exploring the gardens, we met a wonderful older couple. They were admiring the plants just like us in one of the buildings. We offered to take some photos of the two of them together, for which they were very excited and pleased. So I took a couple of photos with their camera for them and then they offered to take some pictures with our Camera of the girls and I together, which was very nice as when there is just the girls and me we don’t get to have images taken together. So our offer to assist some one else actually made for a nicer day for us also. and the photos the lady took where great too, we were very pleased with the rusults. I just hope that when they get their photos developed (they had an older camera that used film, rather than take digital images) that they are just as pleased as we are!

Boxing Day 2008

Well today was a quiet day for all concerned. SZG started back at work, after having the last 3 days off. It was so nice to actually have him home for the WHOLE of Christmas day as usually he would be driving Taxi’s on Christmas day, had we still been living in Melbourne, so after years of him not being at home with us enjoying our time together, yesterday was a real refreshing change.

The Children and I did not do much today. In true Boxing Day style we ate leftovers all day, lazed around, played with our Christmas Gifts and generally just enjoyed each others company. The girls played around with their camera’s taking lots of shots about the place. I am very impressed with JAHG and her ability to use the camera. She is really thinking about the images she takes and how she can make them look good, which is great. I am really hoping that as she uses her camera and enjoys the experience that in time she will love taking images as much as I do and with it become a real little photographer.We are hoping to be able to go out over the next week or so to a variety of places so that we can all use our cameras and have some fun!

I must say that the girls are also enjoying their time away from home education. We have not done any worksheets or ‘school’ activities at all this week, however the girls have been busy doing things and learning lots. NIK has been busy playing some educational games on the computer, drawing, painting and trying to write. While JAHG has been busy organising her 2009 diary she got from Santa ready for next year and also doing some drawing and painting.

Me, well I am busy trying to get organised for when ‘home school’ starts again on the 5th of January, so that I can be one step ahead of the children at MOST times! I have started researching some places that we could go to as Field Trips to enhance our learning as well as some resources we could add to our ever growing source of goodies. It is amazing just how quickly we have managed to get a reasonable supply of things to use in our endeavor to continue to home educate our children.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Boxing Day, and not spending too much money at the sales!