Early Morning Rise!

Well today got off to a much better start, if you can ignore the early wake up call SZG received at 4.30am telling him one of the guys at work could not start the truck as the keys where missing. Hence SZG had to get up earlier than normal for work and head into Hobart to solve the problem for the driver.

Now living only around 20 kilometres from work, makes the drive a reasonable one, that never worries SZG. But at that time of the morning, when it is only to give some one some keys, to drive 25 or so minutes into the city, then 25 or so out back home to go to bed, when we has to get up at 6am anyway, made for a pointless trip. So once he arrived at work SZG stayed there. So as we can all well imagine when he finally gets home tonight (or early tomorrow morning- which ever the case may be) he is going to be very tired!

Thankfully I am feeling so much better today and almost back to normal, which is wonderful. I did manage to go back to sleep for an extra hour after SZG left this morning, but still I could have slept in a little longer if the world had of left me.  But the phone decided to ring at 7am, when some one dialed the wrong number. So I decided to stay up then instead and do some house work before the children awoke as I neglected it all yesterday.

I was also able to catch up on some smaller jobs around the place while the girls and I enjoyed another day at home today.