Quiet time at home.

Today was one of those quiet days, where the children find their own things to do and have fun playing with their toys. It was one of those days that I was not feeling 100% and the children knew it too. I tried to be upbeat about everything and give them the love and attention they desired, but as we all know some days you just don’t feel up to it and the children were so good about it too.

Thankfully Tata was not working to late today so he was able to come home and help me look after the girls. He even bought ‘take away’ to help me out, as I had been on the couch for most of the day feeling rather tired, nauseous and  just plain horrible. Thankfully no one else seems to be feeling the way I do, so I am hoping in the morning we will all wake to a better day.

I must admit, I have to love the help and attention I get when I am sick, and the understanding faces and cuddles.