Boxing Day 2008

Well today was a quiet day for all concerned. SZG started back at work, after having the last 3 days off. It was so nice to actually have him home for the WHOLE of Christmas day as usually he would be driving Taxi’s on Christmas day, had we still been living in Melbourne, so after years of him not being at home with us enjoying our time together, yesterday was a real refreshing change.

The Children and I did not do much today. In true Boxing Day style we ate leftovers all day, lazed around, played with our Christmas Gifts and generally just enjoyed each others company. The girls played around with their camera’s taking lots of shots about the place. I am very impressed with JAHG and her ability to use the camera. She is really thinking about the images she takes and how she can make them look good, which is great. I am really hoping that as she uses her camera and enjoys the experience that in time she will love taking images as much as I do and with it become a real little photographer.We are hoping to be able to go out over the next week or so to a variety of places so that we can all use our cameras and have some fun!

I must say that the girls are also enjoying their time away from home education. We have not done any worksheets or ‘school’ activities at all this week, however the girls have been busy doing things and learning lots. NIK has been busy playing some educational games on the computer, drawing, painting and trying to write. While JAHG has been busy organising her 2009 diary she got from Santa ready for next year and also doing some drawing and painting.

Me, well I am busy trying to get organised for when ‘home school’ starts again on the 5th of January, so that I can be one step ahead of the children at MOST times! I have started researching some places that we could go to as Field Trips to enhance our learning as well as some resources we could add to our ever growing source of goodies. It is amazing just how quickly we have managed to get a reasonable supply of things to use in our endeavor to continue to home educate our children.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Boxing Day, and not spending too much money at the sales!