Christmas Eve

Well here we are. Already it is Christmas Eve and we are all getting excited about Santa coming tomorrow.

I have been busy cooking lots of food for the big Christmas Day dinner. Some of it is Polish food, which is SZG’s favourite. It’s only going to be SZG, the Girls and I tomorrow for the big event, but still we are sure that it will be a great day regardless.

Already I have made Kotleti and a Salad Nanny usually makes for us. I also have to organise the Barszcz which is Beetroot Soup a few other salads and the meats we are having, we will probably add to the meal some Gołąbki, – Cabbage Rolls as these are ready and waiting for us right now. SZG was given a big ham on the bone from his work for Christmas, so by the size of it we will be eating it for weeks not days! We have the usual Christmas cake, pudding and brandy cream all ready for the occasion. If I have enough time I will also try and make some shortbread, but with time the way it is I think I am definitely going to run out of time before I get a chance to organise that.

SZG has gone shopping today, to do his Christmas gift buying. He has always been the same, leaves it to the last day or two before the BIG day. I am not sure if that’s because he hates this time of year, or because he just keeps putting it off until another day, but he is braver than me going out in the last minute rush of the season to get what he wants to buy. This year I think he went with a mental list of items he wishes to purchase, which is a lot more oganisation than he has had in the years gone by.

Me, well I have finished all my shopping. We had a very strict and tight budget this year, so I have tried to be creative in my purchases and have managed *I think* to find gifts that everyone will enjoy when they eventually open them up. I was also orgainsed enough to be able to send parcels over to Victoria and Poland to make it in time for the BIG day, which is unusual for me.

Even though we had a much tigher budget than usual for Christmas, I must say that I enjoyed shopping this year much more than previous years go by. It is great to think that this is one of the first years that I can actually say that *I don’t think* SZG has any idea of what I have bought him for Christmas, which is a real achievement as usually I buy him what he wants, rather than buy him something I would like to buy for him. So I guess it’s not far away now to learn if he truly likes what we have got for him. Anyway, I better be off and get started on organising Christmas Eve Dinner, so that a little later I can relax with the rest of the Family and enjoy the Carols by Candlelight on TV.