Wrapping up the year – with 2 weeks holiday.

Well as we all know Christmas is right upon us, so much so that we are starting to wind down for the week of Christmas. Our usual homeschooling activities will be put aside for a short while as we just ‘enjoy’ Christmas and New Year Week. In the coming weeks we will not be doing any formalised learning, so all the writing, spelling, journaling, maths, science art etc will be out the window and the children can just concentrate on having fun. We will (as any homeschooling family knows!) still be learning through a lot of fun and exciting activities over the next few weeks, so even though the children think they get a holiday, we all know different!

It is only the manner an emphasis on how they learn that will be altering this week, as each day and each experience is a learning one for all of us, so they will continue to learn and prosper even when they think they have having a vacation from school!

This past week has been a very interesting one. Since the start of December NIK has been very adamant and scared of the big red jolly man that many of us call Santa Claus or Father Christmas. So much so, that when I took the girls to have their picture taken with Santa Claus NIK flatly refused and hid behind my legs in order to avoid the event. JAHG however was happy to have per picture taken and along with Nanny, who was visiting at the time, she had her picture taken with Santa Claus and was very happy.

Fast forward to Yesterday, when NIK suddenly decided that ‘Santa not scary me no more mumma –  me have picture santa?!?’ JAHG and I said ‘what!’ and NIK repeated her request. Well as life has it the children where not dressed for the occasion as it was warm yesterday and I had given them a treat of a chocolate ice cream and in the warmer day it had melted quicker than NIK could eat hers, so she was covered from head to toe in Chocolate Ice Cream and not a pretty sight to be having her picture taken with Santa.

So I have promised her that we will go see Santa early next week and have her picture taken with him, she is now all very excited and each time she sees Santa around and about she has been asking for a ‘picture with you’, I am sure that Santa himself does not quite understand why a three year old would have to ask him for a picture with Santa when he would probably assume that most Mumma’s and Tata’s would take the children to see him to have the picture taken with Santa. So early on our agenda next week we will be going into NorthGate shopping centre and getting NIK’s picture taken with Santa, she wants JAHG and Nanny to be in the picture with her, but only JAHG will be, as poor Nanny had to go home to Victoria to be with Poppy, so is no longer here and able to join in.

Anyway apart from NIK now being ‘not scared’ of Santa, we have also managed to spend a few hours with Tata at his work Yesterday (Saturday). The children enjoyed this experience very much. We took him dinner as he was going to be at work until very late (as usual), and we wanted to let him know that we appreciated the hard work and effort he put into working so that we can enjoy homeschooling and life in general. JAHG asked a few questions about Tata’s work and why he was using different forms to do different tasks. At one stage the girls did some drawings for Tata so that he could keep them at work and be reminded of them. Kids can be so sweet.

Other things we did this week included our Christmas Party with Hamlet and our Lovely friends in Branxholm, the Bridgewater State Library Christmas Party, Josephine finished her Summer Reading Challenge, and we all have a fun week.

We will be all organised After Christmas and New Year to get Stuck into Our New year of Schooling. I am very much looking forward to the Challenge of teaching NIK to write and learn to recognise her alphabet and numbers by sight and hopefully with her numbers be able to recognise the words associated with them.

I also look forward to working with JAHG on her writing skills, which she enjoys and also her Maths as we want to build up her ability to multiply and use her times tables!

Here are some more picture of some fun things we have been doing in December!