Hamlet the Reindeer – A Christmas Event.

Today we travelled from Hobart to Branxholm for a Family Day Care Christmas Party with our Friends, and I must say that the four hour drive there was well worth the fantastic day we had. The two family Day Care Ladies put on the most Fabulous Event, one that we are so pleased we did not miss.

We set of at around 7am to drive to Branxholm in the North East of Tasmania. It is a small quiet country town full of interesting and friendly people. We used to live there, for a bit, when we first came across to Tasmania to live. However, work and life seen us move to Hobart, closer to accessing jobs and services.

But Today we enjoyed a day of fun, friendship, fine weather, along with Hamlet the Reindeer and some very cherished friends.

Thankfully the weather was great, not like what we had left behind in Hobart. The Children were all excited at having their Christmas Party. They were all playing on the toys at the park and the adults were all busy chatting to one another, when suddenly Hamlet (a miniature Shetland Pony) dressed up as a reindeer, walked with his owner into the park area were we were all enjoying time together and brought behind him a small cart full of Christmas Present and Lollies.

The Children were all very excited to see Hamlet and to receive their gifts. they were extra spoilt with each one receiving a Certificate detailing a strength / talent or positive aspect about them along with their Christmas gift and Lolly bag.

The afternoon consisted of a sausage sizzle, rides around the park in Hamlets Cart and lots and lots of fun!!!!!

Hamlet The Reindeer - Bringing Christmas Cheer

Hamlet The Reindeer - Bringing Christmas Cheer