Cradle Mountain

On the 9th of December 2008….

We went to Cradle Mountain Nik, Tata, Mumma ,and my Nan and I.

It took us 4 hours to get there. We stopped for lunch, Mumma and Tata ate a burger, fries, salad, me and my sister ate chips and nan ate nothing. Nan drank long black coffee, Mum and Tata had a mugacino, I had a coke and my sister had water. Then we set of on our adventure again. Then we stopped to take pictures then we got back in the car to go again. We had to do a lot of turns. We went down then up.   We went past a few towns, We went to two lookouts. We saw a sign with a kangaroo holding a car.. LOL..

We saw an Echidna walking on the road, that said ” Cradle Mountain wildlife zone”. We ate a bun at cradle mountain,  We went on the boat shed walk, Then we had to go home. We went past Tullah, Queenstown, a water fall , creeks, rivers, a wombat and a kangaroo walking on the road. We saw a beautiful rainbow.

Another day of Homeschooling behind us!

Well today has been a very interesting day. It started out in a lazy way, (the fact that I only got 3 hours sleep as I was up dealing with one of our hosting clients could have something to do with it!). I got up at 6.30am to get breakfast ready for SZG to go to work and to make his lunch etc, like I usually do, then it continued with the girls and I watching TV and just hanging around. It was not until around 11pm that the place started to come alive and everyone started getting stuck into their school work.

We have focused most of today on Christmas. JAHG has been researching information about Christmas in different Countries, which has been very interesting. She is collecting information about the different traditions, customs, decorations and foods people in various countries eat at Christmas time. Once she has all the information she requires she is going to create a Lapbook detailing all she has learn and decorate it in rich Christmas colours.

NIK has been busy drawing, which is something she just loves to do. She draws some awesome pictures of people with great big heads and stick arms and legs. They are always ‘Smiling” and she always states to us that they are ‘HAPPY” people! She just loves happy people, in fact I don’t think I have seen her draw sad people at all.

It is amazing in the last few months just how much NIK’S drawings have evolved, now she can complete circles for heads, and connect arms and legs to the circles at the sides where they should go, rather than just drawing circle like shapes, that never met at any place and arms and legs that went right into the body, Now she has the ability to place them and join then in the correct places. NIK also likes to paint, but that is such a messy procedure that I tend to leave those type of activities for days when the sun is shinning bright and we can go outside to paint, that way I can just hose off the mess and NIK too boot!

It is also wonderful how much JAHG’S reading and writing is progressing. She has just shown me a number of mistakes that were viewable in the previous post here on our website and has made me fix them. The Best proof reader I could ask for. It is great that she is showing a real interest in the website and what we write about, but also in creating posts on the site also as she is currently sitting beside me typing up a post to add here very shortly.

Anyway, for me, today was all about getting myself organised for Homeschooling in the new year. We are doing alot of work right now, but as JAHG has already done the school this year from May until now and schools are now going into wind down mode as they head into Christmas and the end of the School year, I too am trying to make the activities we do light, enjoyable and educational at the same time. We are doing work, but we are also enjoying the Christmas season too, as this time last year JAHG had already finished her Private school education for the year in the first week of December and was resting and relaxing at home with me.

For me the next few weeks is all about working out where JAHG is at with her knowledge and education. She is only going into grade three next year, but her reading and spelling is well beyond this level of work, so I am testing her to see where she is at, to be able to program plan into the new year with work that will be interesting, level appropriate and help extend her knowledge and learning. As for maths, she is pretty much on Target from what I have seen and assessed for her grade level. JAHG has however expressed her personal wish to better understand her times tables and to increase her understanding of maths, so we will be working extra time on her maths in 2009, until she feels comfortable in her abilities and where she thinks she wants to be at.

Lessons plans, work sheets and goals and objectives that’s what I intend to concentrate on tonight, once the children are in bed.