Playdough, reading and work, make for an interesting day!

Today the girls and I spent a lot of time doing school work. JAHG worked on her book all about safety and healthy habits. This was a great educational activity book as it got us talking about healthy habits, such as brushing your teeth, washing your hands, exercising and eating healthy foods. the book contained great information as well as activities to keep JAHG interested and actively engaged in her learning.

After JAHG had finished her lesson and safety and healthy habits, she decided to make some non cook Playdough for her and NIK to play with. As I did not have a recipe to make this JAHG found one herself using Google to search the internet and found the recipe below at a site called Best Recipes


Preparation time:

15 minutes or less

This easy play dough recipe requires no cooking and can be made by kids.


2 cups plain flour
1 cup salt
1 tablespoon cooking oil
1 cup cold water
2 drops food colouring


  1. Combine plain flour and salt
  2. Add water, food colouring and oil. Mix until ingredients are combined.
  3. Knead well.
  4. If consistency is too wet add a little plain flour.

Recipe notes

This is a quick and easy to make recipe for play dough that my 8 year old can make himself to play with his little sister.

JAHG had fun making the playdough all on her own and it was a huge success with her Little Sister. The girls played with it for hours. First they made pancakes and other food items to share with each other from the dough, then a little later NIK got a bit more adventurous and made a mustache for herself. She looked so cute. JAHG would call her Misur man! and NIK would smile and pretend to be a man changing her voice to suit the character along the way. they also listened to Christmas songs for most of the afternoon, singing along to frosty the snowman and other Christmas carols.

When the girls had finished playing with the playdough, they helped me clean up the mess and then JAHG read a book to me. Last week, she had borrowed 7 books from the library and we had also ordered some online, which JAHG has received emails saying they are now ready to be picked up, so she has been busy reading her library books, ready for us to exchange them tomorrow when we go to the Library for the ones waiting for her. She has read each book she has picked to bring home, which is great. She is such a great reader, but the best thing is she really enjoys reading, which makes learning so much easier.

NIK has also developed a love of books, she also picks up some books from the library and we come home and read them together. today we read all her library books together again for about the 25th time this week. She has one in particular called “I’m not cute!” It is a simple yet catchy book about a small bird who does not want to be called cute. We have read this book so many times over the last few days that NIK can read it herself almost to us, she loves changing the pages and reading  things like ‘I’m not cute!’ or ‘I love you mumma birdy’ which is just so cute, every time she reads, I’m not cute, I just want to cuddle her all up and say yes you are!

Not sure what else we got up to today, It is hard to recall everything as we usually do so many things in a day. Before bed however, the Girls and I watched a movie together, as we had read in the day to each other and they really enjoy that time together of an evening, so tonight instead of reading some more we watched High school musical. the music was very catchy and the girls at times sang along to the songs or danced to the beat. A lot of fun was had by all.

It’s Official We are finally homeschooling / Home Educating in Tasmania

Well we have finally sent off our proposed program for home schooling Phinee in Tasmania and received a letter back from The Tasmania Home Education Advisory Council – THEAC saying that our application has been approved and our status is ‘pending’ until we have a person come out and assess our program and make a recommendation, as to whether or not, our program is acceptable and then once the recommendation is made, hopefully we will receive a letter of Approval to home educate Phinee.

It’s is amazing just how different the rules are for Home education from state to state in Australia. In Victoria, when we decided to home educate our children, we just pulled them out of school and registered them and our application was accepted. That was it, once accepted you just taught your child how you wished, no monitoring, no assessment.

Here in Tasmania, however you need to submit your proposed education program in order to have THEAC consider your application. Once they receive it, you are given the go ahead to home school your child or children, though only once THEAC have looked at your proposed program and provide you with a letter stating you now have a  ‘PENDING’  application. Once you receive your letter stating your home education program is PENDING approval you have to wait until a visit is organised for some one to come out to your home and assess your home education program. Apparently they interact with yourself and your child and then they submit their recommendation regarding your proposed educational program to the Minister. Then if the recommendation is favorable and accepted, you get a letter stating you are approved for homeschooling.

In Tasmania, you are also required to have regular monitoring of your child’s progress and your education program. The frequency of these visits varies and I believe is dependent on a variety of aspects and information. Now that we have the letter stating our proposed home education program has pending status we can officially start homeschooling our daughter in Tasmania. We are looking forward to having our Initial visit and receiving what will hopefully be a favourable recommendation and therefore grant us our approval to home school.

Why not visit the Home Education Tasmania Community Website!