A week with Nan!

Well we have just had a wonderful week with nan, who came over from Victoria to Visit us. It’s funny because in all the time SZG and I have been together (almost 12 years), nan has never had to opportunity to stay with us, so coming over for a weeks holiday was a new experience for us all. We enjoyed the time we had together very much and everyone commented on how fast the week had flown.

During the week we managed to squeeze in many things. We put up and decorated the Christmas tree all ready for Santa on Christmas Eve. We did lots and lots of Polish Cooking, now we just have to hope that when i try to replicate this myself it all tastes very similar if not the same!. We Visited Mt Wellington and got some gorgeous views of Hobart as the weather was very nice and the clouds were kept away long enough for us to see the view clearly. We also visited Kingston Beach and had lunch on the foreshore. This area is very beautiful and the children just love the beach.

Other places we visited included the town of Richmond and the old Richmond Gaol, Salamanca Market in the heart of Hobart, Brighton Market in Pontville, Cradle Mountain, Queenstown and the north west area. Huonville, Cygnet and Margate just to name a few! JAHG did some great research on these areas for her schooling and wrote some very interesting accounts of our travels too! the week has been alot of fun and very educational too!

I shall write about these experiences individually and add some photographs as well shortly.

Fun at the Hobart Wharf

Fun at the Hobart Wharf