Getting Ready for Christmas

Well today the girls and I went shopping to purchase our Christmas tree. Usually we have a real tree as we love the smell of the pine needles, but this year we have opted to use a plastic one, so we went to BigW to purchase some much needed new Christmas Decorations.

After looking at everything that was available we decided that we would have a two colour tree this year. The baubles are all different types of RED colour, while the star, tinsel and crackers are all GOLD. We hope that once the tree is up, that it looks beautiful as usually we have a real mix and match of different types of ornaments on our tree with a rainbow of colours.

But for our First Christmas in Tasmania, we have decided to go with something a little different!

Our new Christmas Tree Decorations.

Our new Christmas Tree Decorations.

Images of Hobart

Okay so having just recently Moved From Branxholm, Tasmania to Hobart, Tasmania, I am very much interested in the new part of the world around us. Therefore I have decided to try and capture the essence of Hobart in through photography.

Now I KNOW this is going to be challenging, but I am going to try. I shall add the images as quickly as I can as I take them. My aim is to show as many different Sides to Hobart as I can, Through my own eyes.

The photos will be added below as they are taken.