The TUCKS Go Home

Well we have had a fun weekend and unfortunately it is time for the TUCK family to return home to Melbourne.

It has been great to see them all and yes they children have changed a little in the time we have not seen them. We did lots of fun things while they were here, but I shall write about them in another post.

Lets hope they have a safe trip home and we look forward to hearing from them when they are safely home again.

NIK’S Third Birthday

Well NIK had the most fantastic Birthday ever. The Tucks came over from the mainland for the occasion. We spent much of the day at the Kingston beach as the weather was so warm and inviting! NIK was spoilt as usual, having received lots of wonderful presents.

Here is a picture of her on her birthday with her cake.

Happy3rd Birthday NIK!

Happy 3rd Birthday NIK!

Here are some pictures of the children having fun in the sun also at Kingston Beach.

Splashing Around

Splashing Around

Enjoying the Water

Enjoying the Water

Fun in The Water

Fun in The Water

The TUCKS Arrive

We are all full of excitement today for the TUCK family are arriving later today to visit with us for NIK’s Birthday. It has been a while since we have seen them as when we left Melbourne they were still overseas on their Holiday, so by the time we get face to face again I think it will be about 7-8 months since we last seen them.

I am sure that everyone will be amazed at how much all the children have grown in that time, especially NIK as she is turning 3 and that is an age where children definitely alter a lot in a short amount of time.

Anyway I am sure that we will all enjoy this weekend. It’s going to be great to see them.

Starting to fall into place.

Well here we are, 6 days after we took possession of our new home. so far we have everything falling into place. All the big furnitureis set up, except the computer room. so far we have one desk made, with two more to assemble – hopefully today. Most of the boxes are unpacked, which is great. The views are  fantastic of the river, and we are settling in fine.

Thankfully we have cleaned upa bit and we took alot of stuff to the opshop. We always seem to keep more than we use or need, so we cleaned out all the clothes we have that are in great order and just don’t fit us. Finally after 13 years I also got rid of all my materinty clothes aswell, which was a huge thing for me as we would love to have one more child, but instead we have gotten rid of everything we had for a baby, the pram, the porta cot, the baby blankets etc all gone. Now we have no trace of baby stuff anywhere, which is nice in a way as we have kept it for so long incase we have another one, but no more will it take up room, just incase it is ever needed.

I still have to try and find the telephone today so that I can plug it in. The phone line has been active since saturday, but we have no phone connected yet,hopefully that will be organised and working by the end of today.

Anyway, alot more to be done as friday the children and I have to drive to Branxholm to clean up that house and give back the keys, then pick up the Tuck Family from Launceston Airport at 7pm,as they are coming over for the weekend for NIK’S Birthday. Wow it is hard to believe that she will be three on Sunday!

I better get organised and finish setting up and cleaning this house so that everything is ready for the Tuckfamilies arrival!

I will try to add some photos of our new house and surrounding soon.

Take possession of Dromedary House

Today we get the keys to our new house were we will be living for at least the next 12 months! It is all very exciting and very intensive right now.

We are looking forward to finally be living somewhere that we don’t have to move from for a while. The new house is just divine also. It has three levels with four bedrooms and open plan, lounge / dinning / kitchen area. Its also got land around it which is wonderful and is right near the Derwent river, so we have water views also.