Field Trips

We are all explorers embarking on a wonderful journey, exploring and experiencing the the world around us. We all have the ability to see beyond the obvious and embrace the beauty that lies within. So take your time, enjoy what is around you and live……

With so much to see and do around Tasmania, we have decided to include a Field Trip section where we can add all the outings, day trips and events we enjoy.

Often we do not get enough time to go away for a week or even a weekend, but day outings can be allot of fun and just as memorable.

Exploring places closer to home is something that allot of people forget to do, instead they focus and favour the more further afield options, when deciding on what to see and where to go. As a Family, us Gołąb’s are hoping to explore and capture some of the more interesting and less known aspects of the places around us.

We hope that as our exploring grows that you will come back and enjoy the journey with us.

Where has the week gone?

Well here we are and a full week has been and gone and we have not had time to visit here.

So much has been going on, that I don’t know where to start.

Last weekend was a rather busy one. We spent much of it cleaning up around the place and then applying for jobs in Hobart. We are hoping that we will both get jobs, but regardless of who gets one first we will be moving just as soon as we can, well we have to get out of here, so not really a choice but a necessity.

This week has also seen term three start here in Tasmania. So JAHG is back at school and enjoying having other children to play with again and school work to do. She has settled back in well and I must say it is great to have some kind of routine.

On Wednesday we took a trip to Hobart, to check out some schools and houses and see what areas we would like (or not like) to live in. It was amazing to see the lack of traffic along the way and all around Hobart. Don’t get me wrong they have traffic, but even driving around the city streets it was nothing compared to where we used to live in Melbourne, the traffic was steady, flowing and easy to be part of. A refreshing change.

We have narrowed the number of areas we would like to live in down considerably, so are now concentrating our time and efforts on finding something suitable in one of those areas. It does not really matter where we work as no where is far in and around Hobart and we are looking at putting the kids into school and care in Hobart city, so that it does not matter where we work they are central for us to pick them up, which is something we really have to think about as we know no one in Hobart, so are on our own and need to have easy access to the children if needed.

Anyway, our day trip away was very inspiring. Hobart is just a beautiful place and has the most amazing atmosphere about it. We did look at some 3 bedroom units behind Salamanca Place. How wonderful would it be to walk out and be at the Salamanca Market within a minute! They were however a little out of our price range unless we both sore jobs before we move, then we would be able to consider them as an option.

Anyway the quest continues to find jobs, pack up what we don’t need around the house, ready for the move and also to find another house to move too….

Fingers crossed for us that everything will go smoothly and happen in a quick but easy to manage way.

Fabulous Friday

What a fabulous Friday it is!

Today is just one of those quiet relaxing days. After having to ‘hang around’ for much of yesterday it is great to just be at home and able to do what we want when we want.

JAHG is making the most of the last few days of her school holidays. She goes back to school on Tuesday, 22nd September, for the start of term three. She has enjoyed these holidays even though at times the weather has been wet and miserable and we have had to spend alot of time indoors.

NIK is her usual carefree self. She has been playing with her toys, her computer and JAHG’s DS as she calls it. her favourite game is SpongeBob Square Pants. I don’t even understand what she has to do in that game, but she plays it with an easy and understanding that is beyond me.

Not much else has been happening today. SZG and I have been checking out more jobs and houses in Hobart. We have also been looking at schools for JAHG for next year. We are tossing up the idea of putting her into private education again. the advantage is that they have all the services we need on site, so makes it easier for SZG and I to both work. We will see what happens, as we have some time up our sleeves right now to research and make the right decisions for her future.

A Day in Kings Meadows

Well as you know we went to Launceston today to have the gas on the car looked at. This meant we were stuck in Kings Meadows for the day, while we waited for the car to be fixed.

Our only means of transport around the place once we dropped off the car, was our legs and walking.

Initially we went to grab a coffee, before heading off to look around the local shops. It’s kind of strange going into the local shopping centre here in Launceston. For us, coming from Melbourne, the shopping centre (a Centro one) is rather small and does not have many shops. So trying to fill in a day with nothing to do, and no where to go, proved to be a tough challenge. We had walked up and down the shopping centre and checked out most of the stores within the first 30 minutes to an hour.

It was then that we realised across the car park there was a ‘Rivers’ Store and a big Chickenfeed outlet. So we headed over in that direction to check out what they had for sale.

The chickenfeed store was much bigger than our local one in Scottsdale. In fact it is about as big as ‘The Warehouse’ store in Fountain Gate. SZG and I walked up and down every isle looking at what they had for sale, and what we might like to buy. I must say that we were a little disappointed in what we found. Nothing jumped out at us, and in the end we walked out of there with nothing. Don’t get us wrong we were happy not to be spending any money, as we really don’t have any to just spend for the sake of it. But when you actually go shopping with the intention of buying something, it can be very disappointing to not even find anything that you like or want to buy.

We were however impressed with the ‘Rivers’ store. It is smaller than the one in Cranbourne, around the corner from where we used to live. But it appeared to have so much more on offer, if not more. We took our time looking at the different clothes, shoes and stuff available. We were also impressed with the quality of the merchandise, so have decided that when we have more money we are going to go back and have a look at what they have on offer then. The range of clothes for men is immense and the fact that it was an outlet, means the items are heavily reduced from their original prices, which makes the shop even more inviting.

After having spent over 45 minutes in the ‘Rivers’ store itself, we then decided that as we had time to kill I would go and get my hair cut. It had been annoying me for so long and I just never get around to having it cut. Thankfully we only had to wait 40 minutes for an appointment and the lady who cut my hair did a very nice job. I still have a lot of length in it, but it is now all layered and it feels so much lighter and looks so much healthier. I don’t think I will leave it as long next time before I get it cut again.

After the haircut, we went and grabbed a bite for lunch, then went for another walk along Hobart Road, King Meadows, before we stopped at the local Gloria Jeans Cafe for Coffee. The  smell as you walk in that door is incredible. If you love the smell of freshly ground coffee then it’s definitely the place for you to go. The cappuccino we had was very nice, the atmosphere very inviting and the staff helpful and friendly. The store was also very well looked after and clean, which makes a difference from a lot of other coffee places we had seen.

We spent the rest of our afternoon here, drinking coffee, chatting and reading magazines, until we eventually received a phone call from the gas guys to say our car was fixed. Once we walked back over to the gas place and picked up the car we headed home as we had to pick the children up from care.

Finally our day was over and we survived …. let’s hope we don’t have to ‘hang around’ to often in town as there is not much to do when you have no real means of transport. I guess we can just be thankful that the rain never started until we had reached Scottsdale and were almost home!

Finally we’re running on gas!

Well the gas in the car is finally fixed, which is a great relief as we definitely needed it to work. We can now start saving money on getting around again..

It took the guys half the day to work out the problem, and then the other half to fix it. Apparently our gas system is not like most. The system we have was devised so that some how (not sure of the exact particulars), there are three switches along the system. The middle switch is where the problem lay. It was not working and somewhere the whole thing was leaking water. This meant that in order to fix the issue we had to replace the converter, which apparently is some how connected to how the three switches work.

Regardless of the ‘why’, we now have the problem fixed. The car now starts on gas first time and we are much releived.  There is nothing more frustrating than having the ability to save money on travelling costs, but not be able to use it.

I guess we will be making that trip to Hobart sometimes this week 🙂 onwards we go…..